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Preventric expects to fundamentally create a paradigm shift in how hemodynamics are measured and treated. Imagine the billions or even trillions of data points that Preventric will have at its disposal to help physicians drive precision treatment.

Preventric is positioned to take a leading role in the future of health. Imagine using the BPro® wearable device to capture clinical data sufficient to confirm a vascular health diagnosis and algorithmically provide access to a custom treatment or solution delivered to the patient’s doorstep. Preventric can identify disease earlier and enable physicians to intervene non-invasively, with greater precision, and often at a lower cost.

Hypertension is responsible for approximately $220 billion per year in extra health expenditures. It impacts up to 44% of Adults in the United States and accelerates a wide range of dangerous but preventable diseases and conditions. And, non-invasive devices for diagnosis haven’t changed much since the invention of the sphygmomanometer in 1881 – until now.

Preventric Delivers Vascular Health Data

Preventric’s groundbreaking digital solutions help save lives through clinically superior vascular health data. The Preventric ABPM (Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor), BPro®, looks like a smartwatch – and is the only FDA-Clinically cleared, wearable device that’s non-invasive and is 99.17% as accurate as arterial catheterization when measuring central aortic systolic pressure.

Revolutionary Preventric BPro® technology measures central aortic systolic pressure (CASP) and radial Augmentation Index (rAI) with clinical accuracy measured as 99.17% as precise as the arterial-line method that uses an invasive catheter through the groin area. Being able to measure blood pressure in the aorta, which is closer to the heart and brain, is essential because this is where high blood pressure can cause the most damage, particularly organ damage.

Preventric transmits this data to physicians in clear, intuitive reports. It requires fewer office visits, supports payer reimbursement. Preventric has the potential to revolutionize vascular health.


Preventric offers the most significant advancement in the collection and analysis of vascular data since the sphygmomanometer, enabling accuracy, integrity, high-fidelity diagnoses, and treatments for better outcomes.

Affordability and Profitability

The Preventric solution requires no up-front expenditures or technology maintenance costs, delivering savings – and revenues – across the healthcare continuum.

Proven and

FDA-cleared and peer-reviewed by over 70 clinical studies involving more than 20,000 patients.

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Scientifically Proven


99.17% as accurate for measuring central aortic systolic pressure — without requiring hospitalization or anything more complicated than wearing a wrist-based monitoring device


Eliminates 25% of blood pressure diagnostic errors due to older, non-digital technologies that can’t measure blood pressure around the clock


Real-world results across more than 20,000 patient trials — with more and more physicians and patients choosing Preventric every day

The World’s Most Innovative Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Solution

Preventric delivers ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) and AI-driven data analytics. These convenient, rapid, and exceptionally accurate results can help improve a population’s blood pressure diagnostics by as much as 30%. Preventric is the only vascular health solution proven to provide gold-standard results equal to those delivered by invasive arterial catheterization. No wonder more than 70 international peer-reviewed studies cite the Preventric solution.

What People Say

Russ Ronson, MD

Furthermore, as an additional benefit, the data obtained with BPro® will allow pharmaceutical companies to target their audience and promote their product appropriately. The patients love the device. They feel incorporated into their care, and since they are getting cutting edge treatment.

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