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CPW Non-Invasive, Highly Accurate Core Blood Pressure Monitoring from a Convenient Wearable Device

Hypertension — What’s Hidden Inside

Hypertension causes a wide range of underlying conditions, including diseases that damage internal organs such as the heart, the kidneys, and the brain, as well as damage to the aorta. Readings by cuff-based devices only reflect blood pressure away from the body’s core, possibly hiding dangerous internal conditions that only appear when blood pressure measurements come from immediately outside the heart. However, the traditional means to take those readings requires arterial catheterization, an expensive and risky procedure that necessitates hospitalization.

Introducing Preventric BPro® CPW

Preventric BPro® CPW (cardio pulse wave) uses the same wearable device from Preventric ABPM to measure cardio pulse waves 24/7. This information tracks central systolic blood pressure — 99.17% as accurately as arterial catheterization. And it does so without hospitalization and with a 15-minute session to fit the device. Physicians receive detailed, intuitive information on core blood pressure across normal daily activities, leading to faster, more appropriate diagnoses and treatments that prolong and increase quality of life.

The Preventric wearable installs at the doctor’s office and is fully reimbursable. Patients also can go to walk-in clinics or Preventric’s own Vascular Intelligence Centers for fitting. Physicians receive the Preventric CPW report as a digital file, enabling both initial diagnoses and ongoing tracking over time.


BPro® a convenient wearable device that looks like a smartwatch.

Normal Activities

Preventric BPro® ABPM captures blood pressure information during a 24-hour period as patients go through their normal daily activities.


To view a sample CPW report, please click here.

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Scientifically & Clinically Proven

Global Trials
Peer-Reviewed Studies

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Development and validation of a novel method to derive central aortic systolic pressure from the radial pressure waveform using an n-point moving average method [READ MORE]

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What People Say

Russ Ronson, MD

Furthermore, as an additional benefit, the data obtained with BPro® will allow pharmaceutical companies to target their audience and promote their product appropriately. The patients love the device. They feel incorporated into their care, and since they are getting cutting edge treatment.

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