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Partners Join Us in Creating the Future of Vascular Health Intelligence

We’re Driving a Digital Revolution in Vascular Health

Building on our FDA-cleared system, Preventric is working closely with the AHA Center for Health Technology and Innovation and the JP Morgan Chase & Co. Life Science Accelerator programs. These frameworks apply innovative models that establish and advance new mindsets, novel ideas that improve the practice of health care, and scalable solutions that create transformational change for the field. We actively seek partners who share this vision for the future of healthcare.

Today’s Preventric Solution

Preventric measures vascular health using a convenient wearable device that provides clinically superior data compared to traditional blood pressure measurement methods. Since it’s worn on the wrist, it’s easy to fit and convenient for patients. This device measures blood pressure all day and all night, enabling critical insight into when and why hypertension increases. Detailed intuitive reports help isolate the underlying causes of hypertension quickly and accurately, leading to better treatments and outcomes.

Preventric’s system uses digital devices to build a deep and constantly growing database on vascular health. This information, coupled with a powerful artificial intelligence engine, will deliver advanced analytics for prescriptive and predictive diagnoses that aren’t possible using other solutions. This combination of digital data collection and AI-driven analytics represents ongoing opportunities for evolution and innovation in this market segment.

Current Partners & Alliances

JP Morgan Accelerator

Preventric is a member of the JP Morgan & Co. Life Science Accelerator. The program brings together select innovative healthcare technologies with global financial and industry leaders, speeding our ability to make a difference in the quality and cost of care nationwide.


The American Heart Association has selected Preventric to join the American Heart Association Center for Health Technology & Innovation, a distinguished, highly curated group of companies impacting care, prevention, and treatment of adverse cardiovascular incidence.

Advance Technology and Improve Lives

We believe that applying technology solutions to healthcare can lower costs, strengthen diagnostic and prescriptive efficacy, increase engagement and improve outcomes. Our overall approach is to pivot from “how it’s always been done” to “how it should be done” as we leapfrog incremental development to rapidly advance. And we are eager to work with select partners to accelerate and further our core missions together.

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Scientifically & Clinically Proven

Global Trials
Peer-Reviewed Studies

The Journal of Clinical Hypertension

Comparison of Two Noninvasive Devices for Measurement of Central Systolic Blood Pressure With Invasive Measurement During Cardiac Catheterization [READ MORE]

Journal of the American College of Cardiology

Development and validation of a novel method to derive central aortic systolic pressure from the radial pressure waveform using an n-point moving average method [READ MORE]

Current Hypertension Reviews

Clinical Assessment of Central Blood Pressure [READ MORE]

A Reimbursable Revolution in Vascular Health

Preventric built its solutions to benefit both physicians and payers as well as patients. We’ve worked closely with payers to ensure that our solutions have proper CPT and ICD-10 codes and the necessary workflow to integrate reimbursement requests transparently within your regular business operations.

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What People Say

Russ Ronson, MD

Furthermore, as an additional benefit, the data obtained with BPro® will allow pharmaceutical companies to target their audience and promote their product appropriately. The patients love the device. They feel incorporated into their care, and since they are getting cutting edge treatment.

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