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The Digital Revolution in Vascular Health

Traditional methods for measuring hypertension deliver non-digital, highly inaccurate results. An inevitable result is a trial-and-error approach to treatment that increases the risk of complications from diabetes, strokes, atrial fibrillation, congestive heart failure, chronic kidney disease, and a range of other potential co-morbidities.

Preventric’s BPro® technology measures central arterial pressure waveform, central aortic pressures, and pulse wave velocity noninvasively. Central arterial pressure waveform analysis, as measured by the BPro® system, provides clinicians with better prognostic and diagnostic information to determine the need for and type of intervention, effects that cannot be detected with standard brachial blood pressure measurements.

In short, Preventric’s digital vascular health solutions enable better information, which drives better care, which creates better outcomes that lower ongoing healthcare expenses. These benefits apply to insurers and other at-risk organizations responsible for payment, as well individual patients and employers.

The Preventric Solution

Preventric measures vascular health using a convenient wearable digital device that provides clinically superior data compared to traditional blood pressure measurement methods. It’s worn on the wrist, easy to fit, and convenient for patients. This device measures blood pressure all day and all night, enabling critical insight into when and why hypertension increases. Detailed intuitive reports help isolate the underlying causes of hypertension quickly and accurately, leading to better treatments and outcomes.

This FDA cleared system dramatically improves the patient experience for treating hypertension — which leads directly to stronger clinical adherence and better outcomes. Built by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals, Preventric’s turnkey solutions come with an established model for CPT and ICD-10 coding and reimbursement, as well as streamlined electronic health record (EHR) integration. In short, Preventric represents the smart solution for managing a massive and ongoing healthcare challenge.

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Scientifically & Clinically Proven

Global Trials
Peer-Reviewed Studies

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A Reimbursable Revolution in Vascular Health

Preventric built its solutions to benefit both physicians and payers as well as patients. We’ve worked closely with payers to ensure that our solutions have proper CPT and ICD-10 codes and the necessary workflow to integrate reimbursement requests transparently within your regular business operations.

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What People Say

Russ Ronson, MD

Furthermore, as an additional benefit, the data obtained with BPro® will allow pharmaceutical companies to target their audience and promote their product appropriately. The patients love the device. They feel incorporated into their care, and since they are getting cutting edge treatment.

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