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Advancing the Future of Health Intelligence

At Preventric, we are engaged in the continual pursuit of better ways to deliver faster, more accurate and effective diagnoses and treatment options – for both individual and population health. Already, we’re investing in device-agnostic health intelligence and analytics that can take our reports from diagnostic to prescriptive to predictive – recognizing the potential for identifying health issues before they become chronic conditions. The same capabilities that deliver our revolutionary vascular health results today are poised for application to a potentially unlimited range of health conditions tomorrow.

Our Pipeline of Innovation

Most imminently, our team is working on the upcoming release of Preventric Vascular Intelligence, an artificial intelligence (AI) driven product based on Preventric BPro® ABPM and Preventric BPro® CPW data. This advanced AI technology is designed to provide aggregate analyses based on massive population data, enabling the transition from diagnostic data to prescriptive – and ultimately predictive insights. In other words, physicians will be able to not only rapidly diagnose vascular conditions, but also instantaneously generate the relevant insights they need to prescribe and predict treatment success.

Follow Our Culture of Innovation

Preventric’s team of innovators is continually looking for new ways to support the healthcare world, asking compelling questions and seeking new ways to answer them. Connect with us to be among the first to learn about how our efforts are advancing the future of health intelligence.

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