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Providers Real-World Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring - FDA-Cleared, Reimbursable, Patented & Non-invasive

Accuracy, Integrity & Fidelity – The Digital Revolution in Vascular Health

Hypertension treatment typically means multiple physician visits and home blood pressure sessions, attempting to identify the actual cause. Since these measurements aren’t as accurate and might not occur during daily activities where blood pressure spikes or drops, treatment becomes experimental until one treatment or another proves effective.

The Preventric Solution

The Preventric BPro® system measures vascular health using a convenient wearable digital device that provides clinically superior data compared to traditional blood pressure measurement methods. It’s worn on the wrist, easy to fit, and convenient for patients. And this non-invasive device measures blood pressure all day and all night, enabling critical insight into when and why hypertension increases. Detailed intuitive reports help isolate the underlying causes of hypertension quickly and accurately, leading to better treatments and outcomes.

Built by medical professionals for physicians, Preventric’s digital data and comprehensive analyses mean faster, more accurate diagnoses. It’s more convenient for doctors and patients since it requires fewer office visits to get a proper diagnosis. And, the Preventric device itself can be fitted at your office, or at qualified pharmacies, walk-up Vascular Intelligence Clinics (VICs), and other nearby locations. Preventric’s solutions are FDA cleared, reimbursable, and easily integrated into electronic health record (EHR) systems, creating a powerful new revenue source that may dramatically improve patient outcomes and quality of life.

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Scientifically & Clinically Proven

Global Trials
Peer-Reviewed Studies

The Journal of Clinical Hypertension

Comparison of Two Noninvasive Devices for Measurement of Central Systolic Blood Pressure With Invasive Measurement During Cardiac Catheterization [READ MORE]

Journal of the American College of Cardiology

Development and validation of a novel method to derive central aortic systolic pressure from the radial pressure waveform using an n-point moving average method [READ MORE]

Current Hypertension Reviews

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A Fully Reimbursable Revolution in Vascular Health

Preventric helps physicians create precision treatment plans for patients while earning returns. We’ve worked closely with payers to ensure that our solutions have proper CPT and ICD-10 codes and to define the necessary workflows to integrate reimbursement requests within your regular business operations. We even educate your staff to ensure your patients get covered.

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Three Flexible Practice Integration Models

Full Practice

We train your staff on how to fit the Preventric ABPM device, upload data from a device, and download ABPM or cardio pulse wave (CPW) reports. We’ll also work with your business office to ensure reimbursement with the correct CPT and ICD-10 codes.

3rd Party Data Collection

Preventric maintains partnerships with clinics as well as its own walk-in Vascular Intelligence Centers (VICs). Your patients can use any of these facilities for device fitting, with the reports sent automatically to your offices. This solution is fast and convenient for patients, especially those served by telemedicine or remote diagnosis.

Preventric On-Site Data Collection

For some practices, on-site device fitting makes the most sense, even if office workflow makes it difficult to train staff to use the Preventric system. We can provide a fully trained technician to handle all Preventric operations for your office without asking your team to take on a new or unfamiliar task.

What People Say

Russ Ronson, MD

Furthermore, as an additional benefit, the data obtained with BPro® will allow pharmaceutical companies to target their audience and promote their product appropriately. The patients love the device. They feel incorporated into their care, and since they are getting cutting edge treatment.

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