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Mark Belcher | President & CEO

Mark Belcher is the President & CEO at Preventric, a digital health company in Birmingham, AL.

Mr. Belcher brings innovation and organizational transformation to the healthcare industry. He has a keen ability to execute on key strategies and tactics that drive business transformation. Mr. Belcher is exceptionally knowledgeable in organizational structure, team building, and culture change. He uses his knowledge to promote adoption of innovation and quantifiable improvements in metrics around both operation and outcomes.

He is very familiar with leading brilliant people and innovative operations. His experience equips him to be a successful asset to the Preventric team. He founded a consulting firm focused on identification of revenue opportunities and innovative strategy. He also developed an Innovation Capital platform to invest in new technologies and programs to drive quality measures.

Mr. Belcher earned his Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Georgia. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Auburn University.

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