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Philip White | Chief Strategy Officer/Founder

Phillip White is the Chief Strategy Officer/Founder for Preventric, a digital health company based in Birmingham, AL.

Mr. White’s innovative management, technological knowledge and ability to develop organizations sets him apart from other leaders in the healthcare field. He has a background in building and operating health technology focused organizations and product development. He values bridging the gap between concept and execution. Even though he is proficient in operating a business, he also values new discoveries such as machine learning and AI. Mr. White’s unique skillset and energetic leadership cause him to be indispensable to the Preventric AI team.

Mr. White’s dedication to move a brilliant idea from concept to reality is the definition of his career. He has extensive domestic and international corporate leadership experience. Mr. White also has vast experience with domestic medical device reimbursement. He is a highly intelligent innovator with a vision that inspires the people around him.

Mr. White earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management at Auburn University at Montgomery.

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